Positive Energy, positive life! (E)

Hi everyone!

Today I am Just going to write about energy. It’s going to be a short post.
I like to believe that somewhere, somehow, what you give is what you get. Karma – the universe gives back whatever energy you give. Energy is what keeps us alive. Keeps us going.
Your day, week, month or year can go a little off your plans. It may test you, test your patience, your strength, your happiness. Please don’t give in. Keep fighting for happiness. The storm will pass and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
I tend to be a little negative and see the half empty glass. But also try to go against that. The thing is: there is no point in being sad, being unhappy. You feel depressed, you waste time feeling sorry for yourself and nothing changes. Although it is really hard sometimes to see the light and be positive, I try to as much as I can.
As horrible as this sounds: if you’re complaining about your life, look around you, make sure you have real reasons to complaint. I am sure you will find people with bigger problems and reasons to be unhappy. People with actual problems. Try to help them, they need it more than you. See the half full glass of water. There is no point in a half empty glass, when some people have a completely empty one.
Try to understand that everything happens for a reason. And have faith that everything will work out just fine. Keep pushing.
Smile in the middle of the storm and the sun will come to you. 🙂
Be kind. Be honest. Be humble.
And finally: BE HAPPY !!
Have a great Weekend! ❤❤
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

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