30 day Outfit Challenge

Hi everyone!

How’s life going?? I’ve been super busy with work and a course I’m taking.
Today is a simple post. I was at work, thinking to myself: I’ve always been the “comfy clothes” kind of girl, but always wanted to make an effort to be more “put together”, I just never had the patience or confidence. I have a LOT of cute pieces in my wardrobe that I bought thinking I would wear them, but I never did.
Times goes by and they’re forgotten inside my closet waiting for the day I decide to not be afraid of actually loving myself and trying harder. So I thought: why don’t I challenge myself to actually wear them and show everyone the process? I’m super nervous, because I always get frustrated trying to figure out and outfit, but hey, I’ll never know if I can do it if I never try right?
I put up a poll on Instagram and everyone agreed I should do this. So Monday, June 11, starts my #30dayoutfitchallenge and I challenge all of you who keep thinking “one day I’ll wear it” and never actually do, to do this with me! 
Keep an eye on my Instagram, where I’ll post a photo of my outfits everyday, starting Monday! 
Also I’ll post here all about the challenge as I go!
Thank you everyone who follows me! 
Until the next post, remember to BE HAPPY! ❤



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